CommunicationNerd-to-English is a service line of Forte’ Incorporated, an international and national award-winning consulting firm.

Nerd-to-English evolved from years of working with clients on projects and following behind to clean up failed or challenged projects.

Regardless of the project and business model the clients required or used, a common factor in the success and ease of the project was the effectiveness of communication between various segments of the company, the development team and their clients.

Our role often required we provide “Nerd-to-English Translation” to bring various aspects of a project together for our mutual success. It may not always be why we are hired, but it is often important for project success.

From Glenn Phillips, President of Forte’ Incorporated

Every industry has its nerds. And we mean that with respect.  However, the success we all strive for makes us dependent on others that may not speak “our language.”
I know. My background is engineering. Without apology, I can speak fluent nerd. But my business and my client’s businesses are dependent on clear understanding… not a flood of terminology.

Glenn S. Phillips Nerd-to-English is about translating what we know (or need to know) for success!

Ask us how we can help your team or business! 

Glenn S. Phillips



Nerd-to-English is a service line of Forte’ Incorporated, a consulting and services firm recognized internationally for innovation and communication.

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