We Killed The Statesman


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Regardless of your political leanings, conservative or moderate, I bet you would agree with me that our elected representatives in Washington D.C. have a communication problem. Each side seems more interested in proving the other side wrong than finding practical, viable, and realistic solutions.

In many ways, I think they are a visible example of what has become common place across the country. It is more important to be right than successful.

Winning has become a status symbol of “we’re right, you’re wrong” instead of a sportsmanlike victory over a respected opponent. Insults are the name of the game.

I guess it should be no surprise that our elected representatives are a reflection of the voters as a whole. We vote the way we see the world, how we expect to personally benefit from the election, or even just that our candidates worries us less than their opponents.

Gridlock in Washington is what we get by electing politicians instead of statesmen. We should not be surprised or upset by the outcome. We, as Americans, put them all there and have not demanded change through real action (and no, Facebook posts don’t count as real action, that’s just whining).

There is a lesson for each of us in our daily personal and professional lives. Do you work to be successful or to be right?  Do you choose views like a politician or a statesman?  When you speak to others, is it to find solutions and with respect, or to become a victor?


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