Motivated Incompetence

“Go Team!”

“You are a Winner!”

“Just Believe!”

I’ve often heard that people just need motivation. As if poor performance is just a communication problem.

Motivation speaker fires up crowd

“Oh the poor people, we just didn’t tell them the inspiring words that would bring them success.”

However, motivation alone, without proper training, attitude, and experience, just leads to motivated incompetence. Once “fired up,” the motivated incompetent people can do their job wrong even faster!

Granted, inspiration can be beneficial to most people. We’re human. Emotions do impact our behavior. However, the extent of the impact, good or bad, is a choice that few realize they have available. You are the only person that can really control your own behavior, your own attitude, and your own choices.

Successful teams, businesses, and people are disciplined to be self-motivated. They think about how to think. They have learned that they can be the master of their emotions, of their attitude, and of their progress. This is where success develops, not simply a prize awarded to those who are “the most fired up!”

Sure, life and business can and will create obstacles. But it is not what happens to you, it is about what you do with what happens to you. Motivate yourself to be competent, disciplined, and educated. It is a mental choice you can make, but only if you choose to do so.


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