They Need Their Lies


In a recent large project, I’ve had time to talk with a number of new business acquaintances. Most are very nice people, a majority are hard workers, and almost all of them love to embrace the lies of their industry.businessmen having a conversation

It is said that when we hear something enough times, even if clearly untrue, we tend to believe it. This is most commonly seen in mentally abused women and children. Stupid, ugly, failure, loser. The abuser will repeat the words long enough until it stops being questioned.  It must be true. The new reality sets in, sometimes for life.

Interestingly, I find in business that people will just as easily accept oft-repeated words and phrases with little regard for the accuracy. Easier to repeat the status-quo stories and beliefs than to think and reflect, “Is that really true?”  Many of these ideas aren’t necessarily abusive, just no longer accurate. They may have been true at one time, but times have changed the accuracy.

If you are old enough, remember when many people insisted, “The Internet is a fad that will soon go away.”  Even recent history is deep in lies we all told ourselves so we could feel safe in the present, protected for the changes the future brings.

In time, people often finally figure out these lies and myths. But far too many people limit their personal and professional opportunities by clinging to the lies for far too long.  Feeling safe and failing to question the mantras of our world is rarely safe.

So back to my new project and my new friends. I find I can tell their fears by listening to the industry lies they repeat. These are the lies, which may have at one time been true, that “everyone knows” now. Since everyone knows they are true, few question them as everyone blissfully reinforces the lies in discussions, blogs, and even marketing material. Challenge the lies and people will even become defensive or challenging back.

Except a very few. These people consider, they think. They make mistakes but learn from them. They don’t need the lies, they need to grow, learn, and succeed.

Glenn S. PhillipsGlenn S. Phillips is the author of the book Nerd-to-English: Your Everyday Guide to Translating Your Business, Your Messages, and Yourself.  You can email Glenn directly at

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