The Sound of a Million Dreams


What is the sound of a million dreams?

It is a song that keeps us going when we’re tired or told we cannot succeed. It is an inspirational story or a movie about an underdog that we can see in ourselves. It is the cheer of victory in a large stadium or the words of a famous person that lead others to overcome. It is the private words of a friend that inspire us to overcome a difficult time.

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These are all stories of not just effective communication, but POWERFUL communication. Songs, words, and sounds that touch our collective souls in powerful ways.

The sounds that inspire our dreams stay with us for years, even our lifetime. Ever hear a song from long ago and found you could not only remember the lyrics, you could remember how you used to feel when you heard that song? Maybe you even find you still feel that way as you sing along.

Not all we write or say will inspire a dream, not even in ourselves. The best composers, songwriters, poets, speechwriters, authors and figures of history have only a few words or sounds that found a life in the dreams of others. It is very hard to communicate in a way that touches others so deeply.

While many may aspire to fuel the dreams of others in a powerful way, keep in mind that real long-term success does not come only from the sounds that fire up our dreams. True success may get a boost from inspiration, but reaching our dreams is usually only found through the daily discipline of work, focus, and commitment.

If you think about it, most songs, quotes, and stories that inspire us are simply the tale of overcoming. Not of sudden luck, but of accomplishment.

We probably all need the sounds of our biggest dreams. But more importantly, we need to never let these sounds be all that inspires us. Let it be the intro or the soundtrack, then dig in and build the dream’s reality.


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