You Need the Power of Being Wrong


So many people need to be right. They need to win, they need to be recognized, and they need continual victory.

What a disability.

Man sitting on a briefcaseTo always be right, means others must always be wrong. To win, others must lose. To always be recognized means others must be ignored.

Can anyone truly be considered successful if it comes at such an expensive price to others?

People that have learned how to be wrong are some of the most successful people on the planet.

This is not about conceding your authority or priveleges. This is not about giving in or submission. No, learning how to be wrong is to learn the perspectives of others. To feel the pain or joy of someone else and understand that there may be a better way than your way. From such a perspective, your ability to communicate with them and yourself takes on a powerful new dimension.

Appropriately accepting failures and losses with grace is a sign of good character. Learning from others and correcting your wrongs is a path to success.


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