You Better Feed the Animals First


What is your livelihood and does it get priority?

Anyone that has grown up on a farm knows the livestock often get fed first every day. And they get fed every day. Not just when the farmer feels like it or when the weather is nice.

While food is plentiful and convenient for most of us in this country, this is a recent development. For most of history, mankind has found or produced our own food. To fail in this could mean death. In many parts of our planet, this is still a painful and tragic reality.

Dairy cows on a farm

Just like food that we depend on to live, what about your career or business? If opportunities in your line of work are plentiful and well-paying then count your unique blessings. You are not typical. Most people, as either employees or entrepreneurs, must find and earn work opportunities much like we used to find or produce food. It takes preparation, planning, and effort.

Like a farmer tending livestock, do you tend your job and skills? Knowing your dependence on finding and keeping good, dependable work, do you give work an appropriate priority? I’m not talking about just showing up on time and making a reasonable effort. No, I’m talking about focusing on making yourself a better employee, team-member, boss, or owner with the same focus as the farmer. Everyday, rain or shine, tired or energetic, sad or happy.

Do you take a personal initiative to be better at your craft or skills? How many books have you read that helped you be better at your job this year? Have you sought out mentors, online training, or seminars?

Or, instead, do you wait for someone else to help you be better?

Put another way, are you the farmer tending the crop of your career and personal skills, or the cattle waiting to be fed and fattened, perhaps for an unavoidable slaughter?

Our skills, including our communication skills and our attitude skills, impact our success in business no matter our role. And the more we improve our skills, the more opportunity blooms for us.


Glenn S. PhillipsGlenn S. Phillips is the author of the book Nerd-to-English: Your Everyday Guide to Translating Your Business, Your Messages, and Yourself.  You can email Glenn directly at

Glenn is also the president of Forte’ Incorporated, a consulting firm that works with business leaders to understand and address the often hidden technology and business risks lurking within their organizations.

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