Be Extremely

Want to be successful? Create buzz in the market or your business? Know that people are likely to remember you, to seek you out, to hire you? Be Extremely.

Man crossing finish line

Be extremely expensive or extremely cheap.

Be extremely smart or extremely easy.

Be extremely funny or extremely serious.

Be extremely new or extremely classic.

Be extremely rare or extremely commonplace.

Be extremely fast or extremely slow.

Be extremely big or extremely tiny.

Be extremely hospitable or extremely rude.

Be extremely exclusive or extremely open.

Be extremely great.

If you are not extremely something, you are just another one of the existing pack. You may be very good, very nice, very helpful or very cost-effective. But you won’t stand out in a crowded market or a crowded stack of job applicants.

Extreme does not have to be crazy. Google is extremely easy, fast and cheap. Some private clubs are famous for being extremely exclusive, hospitable and expensive. Coke-a-Cola machines are extremely commonplace while Coke’s first bottles are extremely rare.

Extreme is not about inappropriate or unrealistic. It is about being appropriately seen, heard and distinguishable in the crowd. Think about the last time you ate at a restaurant that had extremely great service, something so good you told others about the experience. When a celebrity is spotted wearing an extremely rare diamond, it makes the news. If a comedian made you laugh harder than you’ve laughed in months, you enjoy it so much that you tell other people.

Make your business, project and career stand out. Find thoughtful ways, the right ways for you, to be extremely.

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