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Heat Cools


What is hot eventually cools. That which is coveted is eventually forgotten or ignored. Excitement fades, new becomes old, and the greatest is typically outdone in time.

The same goes for our messages. Today’s hot marketing slogan is often overused then discarded. The buzzwords management loves one year are eventually replaced. Even the biggest hit songs eventually fall of the charts.

Yet despite these ever present changes, many people don’t change. They use the stale, cold messages that everyone else learned to ignore. They are comfortable with boring. They are scared of new. They feel safe being hidden in the crowd that does everything the same.

This is not to say that everything hot and new is good. For instance, I would bet that many politicians involved in a scandal would much rather be old news (or no news) than the latest hot news.

And I submit that not everything that is new, edgy, or even “different” is hot or exciting. There is a big difference between bizarre and innovative.

If you have a hot message that connects with people, that’s great. Just remember that this is temporary. Their attention span for you is short and will grow shorter. Don’t be upset or disappointed. This is reality. Plan for it and you’ll be fine.

Heat cools and so does the attention of your audience. Just as one great hot meal will not feed people for years, neither do our single messages. The messages you want heard need to be regularly prepared, varied, and presented with consideration of a great experience for all.