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  • "I Can't"

    "I Can't"

    “I can’t…” can be an appropriate valid response or a dangerous barrier to progress and growth.

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  • Another Power of Appreciation

    Another Power of Appreciation

    Saying and meaning, “Thank You!” is important and valuable. However, I submit there is another power of appreciation most people...

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  • Show Me How to Win

    Show Me How to Win

    Want my interest or my business? Easy, just show me how to win.

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  • Stretch


    Progress and growth require doing things that are outside our comfort zone. It is how we learn and grow.

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  • Who Are You?

    Who Are You?

    Trying to understand others when we don’t understand ourselves is quite difficult.

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  • Broken Discussions

    Broken Discussions

    Broken discussions are expensive. They are black holes for wasted time, lost money, missed opportunity, unnecessary distress, and unfair loss...

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  • The Mixed Message

    The Mixed Message

    No matter what you say, it can be the things you do and the things you don’t say that destroy...

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  • Bombing the Customer

    Bombing the Customer

    Too many people and companies believe that keeping in touch with customers means bombing them.

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  • What Makes Loud Effective?

    What Makes Loud Effective?

    The success of your messages should not be solely dependent on being the loudest or most demanding message.

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