In a Pocket Somewhere

One morning my wife was looking for a watch she had misplaced.  She said that she thought it was “in a pocket somewhere.”

I know I’ve gotten out a winter coat and found things in the pocket I had completely forgotten about. Money (well, a buck or two), business cards, notes or a pen. This made me wonder, how many ideas and skills in life are “in a pocket somewhere?” What have we learned to do that is of value but is now neglected or forgotten?

I find that reading blogs, articles, and books on a variety of topics not only introduces me to new ideas, it helps remind me of ideas and skills I knew but had since forgotten or, to be honest, ignored. Ideas and skills that are valuable and important.

Can we always remember every idea? Of course not. That is why I will periodically reread a book, blog or article I had found to be of value. I do this to refresh my memory and add some repetition to help me retain it better.

I also find that talking with people smarter or more experienced will often remind me of long forgotten great ideas and habits. Knowing this, I often attend events or schedule coffee or lunch with people where I have no set agenda other than to refresh my perspective. If I’m paying attention, I always leave with something of value in my brain. Always.

Sometimes it is only after I rediscover a good idea that I know what to do with it. Perhaps the first time it seemed like a good idea but I either didn’t have a time or place to put it to use. And it then drifted away into the pockets of my mind.

Effective communication requires effort and skills. These skills do not evolve by accident. They require repetition, food for growth and even, at times, motivation. Looking in those old pockets of our life can often lead to rediscovering valuable lost treasure.


About the Author

Glenn S. Phillips works with leaders who want to leverage technology and understand risks within. An author and blogger, Glenn is often quoted in national media, plays a really ugly tuba (it even has a bullet hole) and is a fan of dark chocolate and great puns.