Predicting the Past


“I knew it!”

I know a woman that often boldly declares “I knew it!” … AFTER something happens.  What makes this entertaining is that she may follow this declaration with an explanation of how intuitive she is and even that she has a “gift” to know things. 

I think it is interesting and since it seems important to her, I don’t say anything to her.  It seems to make her happy and it does me no harm.  But I do wonder how many other people believe they have this special gift to predict the past.

From a relationship and communication perspective, I also realize that this is someone that has a very strong desire to be seen as special by others.  It is really a basic human need I believe. To be unique.  To be wonderful.  So she promotes something she thinks would make her different and special, but with apparently little consideration of how it may really be seen.

The problem is that others may not see this as entertaining and harmless as I do.  They likely perceive her as uncredible or, at the least, a bit out of touch with reality.  Someone that is trying a bit “too hard.”  Instinctively, many people pull away from anyone that seems pushy, even if it is for something like this.

We all have our quirks. That is okay and something that even makes us interesting and, in some cases, cool. However, it is the understanding of these behaviour and how others perceive them that helps drive how well we can effectively communicate.  If you seem out of touch with yourself, you’ll be seen as out of touch with the world.  And you’ll be treated as such.



About the Author

Glenn S. Phillips works with leaders who want to leverage technology and understand risks within. An author and blogger, Glenn is often quoted in national media, plays a really ugly tuba (it even has a bullet hole) and is a fan of dark chocolate and great puns.