Benefits of Never Having Goals


In business and in life, do you set specific goals?

You know there are actually many benefits of never setting goals.  Here are a few:

  • You never miss a goal.
  • You are never late.
  • You never need excuses for missing goals.
  • Your best effort of the moment will be always be enough.
  • You can change your priorities any time.
  • You never have to feel guilty for missing goals.
  • You can be more flexible (in the short term).
  • You don’t have to consider the future as hard.
  • You can live in the moment.
  • You won’t fail (since failure requires a definition of completion or success).
  • You can avoid focus.
  • You can avoid completing tasks.
  • You can postpone anything.
  • You can let others do your work.
  • You can let others get more clients.
  • You can worry less about success.

Goals are tough.  Meeting them even tougher. They require focus, effort, progress, growth and discipline.

Look at people you see as successful.  It may not be obvious at first, but I bet you’ll see they have goals.  Many of them have daily goals (such as work-out), weekly goals (at least one quiet evening with their spouse), monthly goals (perhaps how many customers to visit) and annual goals (meet a volume of sales).

Yet despite the common correlation of goals and success, many people won’t set meaninful goals.  Or more likely they set them but don’t take them seriously.

That’s okay… Success is not mandatory. 


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