Got Nowhere to Go


“How can I be lost if I’ve got nowhere to go.”

This lyric from a song struck me as great reminder of how I see so many people run their lives and the businesses.  And how they communicate their situation.

You see, I think most people are not lost.  They know where they are.  They know what job they have, what their lives are like, who is their customer, who their friends are and how they run their business.

So they are not lost.

Yet few seem content or happy.  Most have no plans for real change or improvement.  So many do not like their current situation yet they do little but complain or daydream of better days.

Interestingly, people with out a plan or goals are often willing to communicate this problem.  I guess they don’t realize they are communicating a message of helplessness.

Do you want to do business with people that see themselves as helpless and have declared themselves powerless to be better?  Do you want to hire such a person?  Are you that person?

Do you have somewhere to go?  Really?  And if you have nowhere to go, do you broadcast this?  If are going somewhere, are you doing something everyday to get there? 

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