Party FavorsA new year often brings a host of New Year’s Resolutions.  As we all know, these are commitments to ourselves, or others,  that are started with the new year until fulfilled (or abandoned).

Resolutions are often great examples of clear communication.  These goals are often relatively simple and easy to understand.  They have a clear start date and most have a clear end date or a means to accomplish success.

What if you made resolutions all year long?  I know people set goals and talk about dreams.  But somehow a “resolution” often gets more thought and, at least for a period of time, more committment.

With thoughtful resolutions, you should have clear goals with a plan of action and defined outcomes.  These resolutions would be an ongoing communication of plans to yourself, and if appropriate, others.

If you did this and approached your goals with “resolve” and “planning,” what could you accomplish that you might not otherwise?    Can you hold yourself accountable?  Can someone else?

It has been often said that goals are simply dreams with a deadline.  Make some dreams come true!

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