Your Doll Collection Freaks People Out!

Memorable?   Actionable?   Immediate?

Does your project, sales and marketing material meet these three important tests?  

If not, I hope you not surprised when your material generates little action or response.

Doll Collection SignConsider this sign for storage units.  Face it, storage units are BORING and FORGETTABLE.  Even people that need them don’t always think about using them.

This sign is great for many reasons that most marketing material fails.

To begin with, it is not about the storage unit… it is about the customer!  No explanations of the value of storage units or where they are located or what size units they have.  Customer focused!  The details will come AFTER the customer is interested.

It creates a sense of urgency by getting people to think about how others may feel about them.

Emotions can be so much stronger than fact for most consumers, particularly in the initial stages of getting their attention.

This sign’s emotional response creates a sense of urgency.  Even if it not dolls in their house, it gets people thinking about other items.

The sign frames expectations with a starting cost.  You can look at this quickly and say, “Hey, that is in my price range” even if you need a larger unit that costs more.  You have a sense of price scale now.  This sets the stage for memorable and actionable.

The web address and phone number make it easily actionable.  The phone number is designed to be easy to remember.  The web address includes the location, so it does not have to be repeated. These folks make it easier for the customer to do business!

Now, I know some will think, “My projects, my services or my products are different… you can’t use this approach.”   I want to be clear, I am not suggesting THIS sign for everything. I am suggesting material that meets the tests.  And that indeed is possible.

Remember: Memorable   Actionable   Immediate

There are successful people across the country that use this everyday for project success or to make money in many markets.  These successful people have gotten past the idea that marketing material is all about them or about blasting customers with tons of information BEFORE they are really interested.

And do I suggest you sell all ideas, products or services with the “freak people out” approach?  Of course not.  But you can look at your material to be sure it meets the tests and is not just a big, boring, looks like every other material  that everyone will forget almost as soon as they see it.


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