Easier or Harder?


We all like to think we are easy to work with and easy to do business with… but are we?


Compared to others?  (and do you know how to honestly and accurately compare?)

In working on projects, marketing and business transactions, it has become something of a hobby of mine to observe others and see how they approach (or ignore) true cooperation and customer service.  Much of this I see, good and bad, hinges on communication.

Here are some things I have noticed….

1.  Unless someone has attained the “celebrity” status, the most consistently successful people make it CLEARLY easier and better to do business than their competition.  AND they know from research and fact (not rumors or feelings) exactly how they are easier than the competition.

2.  People like the path of least resistance.  You won’t return calls in a timely manner (or at all)?  Well, someone else will.  Someone that is making is easier to do business.

Friendly Businesswoman3. Clients, vendors and colleagues are people too… and all like to be treated special.  That can almost always include something as simple as thinking of their time and effort and not just your own.

4.  People do NOT like to be treated as if they are an interruption, even if you are just distracted when you answer the phone.  (See #3 above).

5.  People don’t like to work on deals with someone that is not capable of listening and responding properly.   (You’ve likely done it.  Frustrating, wasn’t it.  Be sure you don’t have your own special way of creating that problem.)

6.  The clients we most want usually appreciate a trusted adviser over a salesperson.

7.  Clients do not want to be sold.  Not a product, not a service, not salesperson.  But they do want to buy.  Do you sell… or create an easy opportunity to buy?  Are you selling yourself, your house, your process, your firm, your quirks, your problems?

8. Successful people usually have a natural gift, a great work ethic or both.  If you don’t have a natural gift for the business, a great work ethic can still lead to success!

9.  Most people that are only marginally successful or still working to attain consistent results often believe their fate is out of their control… “it’s the market”… “it’s the competition”… “it’s the boss”…. “it’s the time of year”… while the successful folks just keep on making deals or completing projects!

10.  Misconceptions abound in those that struggle.  (For those that are interested in psychology, look up “Cognitive Distortions.”)   In particular, All-or-Nothing thinking that traps them.  The successful folks understand a gray world, the others see it as black and white.

For example, consider real estate agents that say, “If they will not meet at my office first, clearly they are not motivated buyers.” Really?  Maybe, maybe not … but there is no proof that is an absolute fact.  And it is not an absolute fact.  Don’t believe me?  Ask an agent that has sold a large number of houses over the past years.  They adapt to discern the smart, educated buyer vs the “looky-loos” and they avoid lumping them all together.

Okay, I could go on and on here.  There are lots of other qualities of successful people business and life.  But this is a start and I’d love to here things you’ve observed in yourself or others!

I encourage you to watch and make at least mental notes of what businesses do things great and which are only so-so (or bad).  Learn from others and it will help make it easier to do business with you!


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