I Don’t Need Any Training!


Empty Classroom“Leave Me Alone!  I Don’t Need Any Training!”

“Training is for Rookies!”

“I KNOW what I’m Doing!   It’s Everyone Else that Needs Training!”

Ever hear these types of comments from your staff or management?  Ever said any of these yourself?

In our office, we call this “Knowing Prevents Learning.”

Granted, some people have a routine, process or recipe that works for them and is successful (at least for now).  But in time, things change.  Then the old routine may not work as well.  If the person has not been continuing to learn and grow, you can see the confusion in their face.

“This used to work.  It must be the market or the company or the customer’s fault.”  

Since they “know” how to do it, they can’t possibly be the problem.  And if they are not the problem, they are off the hook emotionally to change and be (or find) the solution.  So they wait for things to return to the past.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.   But the past does not return.  At least not the same past.

Kids ReadingCONSIDER THIS: You sometimes hear people discuss about how fast children learn and that we loose that ability as we get older.  While that may be true, at least to some extent, I believe we also battle something else… the accumulation of things we already know that blocks our interest and aptitude for learning.

How’s that?  Well, if you think you know something, then there is nothing to learn and thus our thoughts move on to something else.  Football, gossip, election campaigns, price of rice in China, what’s that smell, whatever…. you get the point.

I find the most interesting and dynamic people are those that have learned how much they don’t know.   My experience is that the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.   That, my friends, is where I believe learning really begins.

So if you are one of the people that don’t need any more training and have perfected everything, then (1) I’m surprised you’re still reading and (2) congratulations!   I’d like to know you better and learn your secret to this accomplishment!  Really.  Please contact me.

If you are not one of those folks, take heart!  Focus on improvement and move past these “perfect” business people.  And the best part is, they will never know it, never see it and never worry about you taking their business or project away.  You can do it right in front of them, because they have blinded themselves!

We all have obstacles to knowledge and growth.  Just be sure you are not your own obstacle.

Glenn S. Phillips is the author of Nerd-to-English: Your Everyday Guide to Translating Your Business, Your Messages, and Yourself. His website, www.nerdtoenglish.com, will lead you to more information about effective communication training, risk assessments and genuinely helpful tips. You can email Glenn directly atglennsphillips@nerdtoenglish.com.

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