Being Unique Like Everyone Else

kid with crazy hairEver notice how businesses and people of all types sell themselves and their ideas much like high school students? 

They want to be “unique”… just like everyone else.

Even when honest, the messages often sent do not mean anything to the potential customer or audience.  It’s great you are customer-focused, honest, experienced, seasoned, been in the business lots of years, successful, a leader in technology, a leader in your community, married, not married, kids, no kids, progressive, received awards, have hundreds of clients, like the beach, like to golf, like to fish, are active in local chamber of commerce, or any of the other hundreds of great things about you!

But what makes that unique in the eyes/ears/memory of the audience… to the point of being remarkable? And by “remarkable”, I mean something someone would learn about you and later literally remark to someone else.

It is human nature to see ourselves differently than the world sees us.  But that can be a limiting thing in selling our important ideas (or products or services).  We want to be special.  And we all are in our own way.

Look at your own business messages, for yourself as a professional, for your projects, for your company.  Changing a few words around does not make for a unique, remarkable message.  A “nice” message perhaps but those get lost in the crowd of messages we are all bombarded with each day.

Quick… think of the last three new billboards you saw in the last 48 hours?  A few people can do this but most admit the billboards are unremarkable and unmemorable.  Is your message the same as all the new billboards?  Boring and unnoticeable to anyone but you?  Are you doing what everyone else is doing?

So, how to be unique?  How to get others to remark?  How to get referrals?

I submit that your service, attitude and work ethic ARE your marketing for you, your projects, your business and your career. Your actions and reputation communicate your value.  It is what people will know you by, regardless of what your website, your brochure, your business card or your fliers say.  And I don’t mean doing what minimum effort everyone else does.  Unique and remarkable is when your efforts are uniquely and remarkably way ahead of others.

Become a person of value to others, and you will be valued.  It takes time but building any good business or career of value always does.


Glenn S. Phillips is the author of Nerd-to-English: Your Everyday Guide to Translating Your Business, Your Messages, and Yourself. His website,, will lead you to more information about effective communication training, risk assessments and genuinely helpful tips. You can email Glenn directly

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