I Do Not Understand All That I Know


Confused“I do not understand all that I know about this.”

That is a real quote.  Here’s the story… we buy our promotional items from Ray Scott (www.866-ray-scott.comhighly recommended!).  Ray shared with me that one of his clients made this remark to him. We both thought it was priceless and that, at various times, we all feel the same way (whether we tell anyone or not!).

How often do you feel this way?  You know something about a topic but it is still confusing.  Maybe you know enough to feel over-confident and get yourself in trouble later.  Maybe you hope no one will know you feel this way and keep it to yourself.

What I love about this statement is that someone would be honest and clear about their own lack of knowledge.  They were willing to trust Ray with the knowledge that they did not know enough about a topic.  They trusted that Ray would help them and not take advantage of the situation.

Ray, understanding the situation, was presented with an opportunity to either take advantage of the person (which usually only works once) or use the situation as a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship.  Knowing Ray, I know he did the latter.  How do I know?  Because from my own experiences as one of Ray’s clients I know he “gets” that good business is about honest, value-added relationships.

Trusting others when we need help is a critical tool in learning, in communicating effectively and in building trust.  It helps avoid costly problems and it helps us all be more effective together than we can be apart.

So the next time you do not understand all that you know, see if you can honestly share this fact to build trust, rapport and value!


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