NOT who you know…


In building your business, department or career, it is not who you know, it is about who knows you!

And by “knows you,” I don’t mean your name.  (I hope your career or marketing plan is more than just “get my name out there.”)

I’m talking about who knows you to the point they understand, and can repeat, your:

  • Success
  • Integrity
  • Values
  • Effort
  • Focus

Now many people say, of course, “I explain all of this to my prospective clients or prospective employer when we first meet and through my brochures, my website and my blog.”

To these well-intentioned people I ask,

  • Do you like having every prospective business person you meet take your time to educate you about them?
  • Do you believe every business card, brochure, and website that declares someone or a company is honest, trustworthy and hardworking?”

If you are like most people, the answer to these questions is “no.”

Here is what the successful people often do.  They communicate their qualities in all they do, for all to see.  They know actions speak louder than all the words on all the brochures, websites and fliers.  Through successful, honest, hardworking, smart effort, you can become known to those that can and will bring you business.Excited Class and Teacher

Now granted, printing project reports, business cards, brochures, and other material is a quick process.  And it is “what everyone else does”, so many think it must work.   However, this alone will not build a great business or career.

You have to be of value. 

You have to be great. 

I believe “great” trumps “brochure” every time!

I feel like I’ve just stated the obvious.  However, I am constantly amazed at the number of people that want my business, want me to hire them, want to educate me, want to convince me and want my trust on only their appearance and that they made an appearance before me.  So maybe it isn’t as obvious as I once thought.



About the Author

Glenn S. Phillips works with leaders who want to leverage technology and understand risks within. An author and blogger, Glenn is often quoted in national media, plays a really ugly tuba (it even has a bullet hole) and is a fan of dark chocolate and great puns.