What if Everyone is Great?


Nervous Meeting Ever hear another professional frequently express frustration about their clients, colleagues or employees making things hard?

Now, I know some clients are really just difficult people.  Hey, so are some of the so-called “professionals.”

But I am talking about the professionals that, for some reason, expect everyone else to be equally knowledgeable, professional and efficient.  If anyone does not meet that standard, they get frustrated or even upset.

It would indeed make life great if everyone we worked with was educated, qualified, funded, logical and clear on their goals.  Or would it?

Consider this…

If the client is already educated, qualified, funded, logical and clear on their goals… what do they need you for?  A little efficiency?  That assumes you are more efficient.  You may not be.  If you cannot bring significantly more to the table than the client can bring on their own, why are you involved?

What if all of your staff was as good at your job as you… are you needed as their leader?

If all of your colleagues are as good at their job as you, how will you advance your career?  After all, they are now just as deserving for a promotion as you are!

Do clients and collagues that need help take more effort?  Of course!  However, I believe contantly complaining about the effort required to assist them is not a good thing.

In fact, when I hear someone who regularly complains about their clients, employees or colleagues, I usually suspect it is because the complainer is lazy (and may also have major self esteem issues).  I suspect they don’t like the work needed to accomplish the task correctly.  Or they are hiding from the task of correcting the problem. They complain instead of embracing the opportunity.  And even if they are not lazy, they certainly don’t sound professional.

Most people are generally smarter than we give them credit.  Sooner or later, they start to understand if you are leading,  following or being the real obstacle.  If you are not leading, they may say something or, more likely, they find a way to quietly distance themselves from you.

So next time you get frustrated or impatient with someone on a project and they clearly do not have your industry knowledge or experience, remember this:

It is your golden opportunity to provide them true value.

That is where the money is to be made, where a great reputation is earned, where the referrals develop and the advancements start!


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