How can I be lost?

“How can I be lost if I’ve got nowhere to go?” 

This is lyric from a song I like that I find interesting.

Girl With MapProbably revealing about how my brain works, I thought this was a great question about people in business with no true business plan, no detailed strategic plan, and no clearly defined goals. 

These are people that are not good at communicating with themselves.

When I listen to this lyric, I can imagine many business people that honestly do not think they are lost.  They think ALL of their problems are external to them.  The economy, the local market, the competition, the customers, the banks, and even colleagues and employees (or management).

Yet, even if all of these factors are current influences on your success, smart business people are still making clear plans, improving their company and making money.  Really. 

While I risk overgeneralizing, I feel that business people fall into one of three categories.

1) People with a discreet plan they are following.  They may not like where they are but they do know where, along the timeline or scale, they are now and where they want to be.  Definitely not lost.

2) People with a plan that is either too vague to mean much… or is specific but ignored.  These people are lost because they know where they want to go but have no idea where they are now or how to really change it.

3) People with no clear plan.  They are not lost.  They know where they are and “got nowhere to go.”  And tomorrow they will be in the same place.  Again.  And most don’t like it and voice their complaints for all to hear.  Yet they do nothing substantial to change their situation.

Are you lost?  If not, is it because you know where you are going or have chosen to not go anywhere?   Do you communicate with yourself about this?


P.S. Any guesses (or research) on the name of the song and musical artist?  I bet you’ll be surprised.  


About the Author

Glenn S. Phillips works with leaders who want to leverage technology and understand risks within. An author and blogger, Glenn is often quoted in national media, plays a really ugly tuba (it even has a bullet hole) and is a fan of dark chocolate and great puns.